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Becoming Canadian Doesn't Mean Being Forced to Forget History

Remembering the traumatic events that brought people here from around the world protects a free and just Canadian future, says this opinion piece from The Tyee.

April 26, 2018

21 Things This Book Can Tell You about the Indian Act

Bob Joseph's new book explains Indian Act's attempts at assimilation and how Canadians can find a hopeful path forward.

March 22, 2018

People With Disabilities in Poverty Trap, Says Report

The faith-based organization's annual report on poverty trends shows people with disabilities are more likely to be living in poverty than other Canadians.

October 12, 2017

Housing 'the Largest Single Commitment' in Morneau's Budget

The National Housing Fund will prioritize support for seniors, Indigenous Peoples, domestic violence survivors, persons with disabilities including mental health and addiction issues, and veterans.

March 23, 2017

Why Discrimination Is a Public Health Issue

In Canada, a lack of data on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and health has made it difficult to provide evidence of discrimination's effect on health outcomes.

March 09, 2017

Liberal Immigration Changes Bad News for Caregivers, Says Advocate

The Liberal government's immigration plan is a blow to thousands of people — mostly women — who came to Canada as live-in caregivers, say advocates for the workers.

November 03, 2016

How Are White People Confronting Racism in Canada?

Comprising 77% of Canada's population, those who do not identify as visible minorities have rarely focused on what white people are doing to address racism here.

October 06, 2016

Do You Consent? Four Ways to Strengthen Digital Privacy

Privacy laws around the world may differ on certain issues, but all share a key principle: the collection, use and disclosure of personal information requires user consent.

August 08, 2016

Canada's Plan to Stop Violence Against Women 'Has to Come Right about Now': Minister

While individual provinces have conducted research and launched their own initiatives, there has been little movement nationally to address what Status of Women Minister Hajdu calls gender-based violence.

July 25, 2016

A Small Town with Big Ideas for Housing Single Parent Families

Dryden, Ontario, sees safe shelter as the first step to improving family futures.

April 20, 2016

New Justice Minister Says She'll Listen to Sex Workers on Prostitution Reforms

But before the current bill governing prostitution, Bill C-36, was passed, advocates and opponents testified before Senate and House of Commons committees, revealing deep rifts on the issue.

November 30, 2015

Why Canada Can Safely Meet Its Refugee Commitments

Canada is resettling pre-screened refugees who have been approved for permanent residency by a Canadian visa officer abroad. An immigration lawyer explains the screening process.

November 20, 2015

Solving Youth Homelessness, One Community at a Time

In pilot projects in two communities, youth-focused service providers and youth themselves formed committees to research and design a homelessness action plan.

November 11, 2015

TRC lays bare the dark legacy of residential schools. Will those in power be compelled to act?

If the people of Canada want to eradicate the laws, policies, and attitudes responsible for residential schools, the TRC report must be considered as a foundation for reconciliation, says this writer.

June 10, 2015

Two Views of a Guaranteed Annual Income

A retired Tory senator says it's the best way to alleviate poverty. The Fraser Institute: Not so much.

January 12, 2015

Blueprint for Restoring Digital Privacy

Michael Geist gives five solutions to Canada's warrantless disclosure crisis.

May 12, 2014

B.C. steps up to fund refugee mental health services

The B.C. government has promised settlement service agencies it will pick up funding for refugee mental health services that was cut by the feds in January.

March 18, 2014

Denny's Settles with Filipino Migrants

After more than two years of fighting his employer for having been punitively terminated for complaining against abuse, Alfredo Sales received justice -- together with 67 other migrant workers.

March 04, 2013