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Father of son with autism calls Canada's new immigration policy a 'blessing for all of us' April 19, 2018
Ontario judge urged to adopt new way of sentencing Black offenders March 28, 2018
There's a 'noticeable increase' of hate crimes in Mississauga and Brampton, report says April 19, 2018
Slow process of sponsorship appeals keeps couples apart: Reasonable Doubt March 26, 2018
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Trial in absence a real Toronto tragedy March 28, 2018
Federal plan would kick paralegals, law students out of provincial courtrooms, critics say April 20, 2018
Toking while white: A get out of jail card: Opinion April 20, 2018
Why Ontarians should care about Wisconsin's water April 11, 2018
April 11: Global Classroom Live Event - Human Trafficking Globally & Locally April 06, 2018
Ontario Human Rights Tribunal gains steam as alternative route for sexual assault cases April 04, 2018
How Doug Ford's pledge of 'zero income tax' leaves minimum wage earners worse off April 19, 2018
Mosque shooter's search history shouldn't be a cause for online censorship: expert April 18, 2018
We must end discrimination in jury selection April 10, 2018
Youth-Police Dialogues: A chat with Ontario Justice Education Network April 12, 2018
Eliminating peremptory challenges make trials less fair April 11, 2018
Victims and Survivors of Crime Week, May 27 to June 2, 2018 April 06, 2018
Fight to keep planned birth in Attawapiskat finally over, says midwife April 20, 2018
Toronto considers licensing city's payday loan outlets, capping number allowed city-wide April 09, 2018
How Bill C-75 will impact the preliminary inquiry: Reasonable Doubt April 13, 2018