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Judges defy order to impose Tories' victim-services surcharge December 09, 2013
Preserve Indigenous residential schools as sites of conscience, MPs urged September 27, 2017
New anti-spam law won't stop unwanted emails July 02, 2014
Q&A: Why a Mohawk community established its own legal system—the first of its kind in the country February 15, 2017
April 11: Community Information Session on Federal Credits and Benefits, Thunder Bay March 29, 2018
Tories to table life in prison without parole, shifting legal landscape January 27, 2015
Reports of massive public surveillance badly timed for Conservatives’ cyberbills May 06, 2014
Ontario judge rules that lack of safeguards make solitary confinement unconstitutional December 19, 2017
Liberal budget will contain funds to keep more Indigenous kids out of foster care: Philpott January 24, 2018
What is 'safe third country' legislation? October 28, 2014
'A human rights issue': Lack of treatment for drug users means deaths behind bars April 03, 2018
May 4: New research: Many Ontario schools failing students who have an intellectual disability May 01, 2018
Grassy Narrows mercury victims up to 6 times more likely to have debilitating health problems, report says May 24, 2018
Tackling human trafficking: Windsor police reach out to sex workers October 19, 2017
Canada's 'Welfare Wall' Traps People With Disabilities August 02, 2017
Opinion: Ottawa's unjust approach to disability insurance September 29, 2014
The Responsive Grant Program enables Law Foundation to fund ideas generated by nonprofit community groups to improve access to justice July 05, 2018
Mother fears Canadian government could force her family to leave due to son's disability February 15, 2018
January 30: Know your rights telephone town hall December 08, 2017
Ontario says tribunals should not be as open as courts March 16, 2018