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November 14: 'My officers acted in good faith:' Police Oversight, Accountability and Public Consent November 10, 2017
June 1: Injured Workers' Day Rally & March May 02, 2017
Judge strikes down mandatory minimum law in Toronto drug mule case February 21, 2018
Ontario's police watchdog charged 20 police officers with crimes in 2016 June 30, 2017
AIDS Committee of Toronto spokesperson says he's 'horrified' by cop's 'irresponsible' comment January 26, 2017
Toronto to get 2,000 market-rent and affordable units September 14, 2017
Gender-based violence report urges mandatory training for judges, RCMP March 21, 2017
#MeToo pushing accountability for sexual assault outside the courtroom March 13, 2018
Ontario rights tribunal finds landlord violated tenants' religious rights May 04, 2017
Police warn about dating apps after disappearances in Church-Wellesley area December 06, 2017
Ontario privacy commission says province overcharged group August 01, 2017
Ontario basic income pilot project under close watch as people receive new supports November 30, 2017
Racial profiling occurs at Ontario airports, malls, and schools, report says May 03, 2017
New law to make employers accountable for temp worker injuries March 09, 2018
Liberals seek to tighten workplace harassment rules for businesses, Parliament November 07, 2017
What to do about sexual harassment in the workplace: Reasonable Doubt November 29, 2017
'Things are getting worse, not better': Activists testifying about Canadian racism to UN panel August 15, 2017
Toronto businessman's companies owe more than $23M in mortgage, contracts, employee wages March 16, 2018
#MeToo disrupts Canada's precarious democracy: Reasonable Doubt February 06, 2018
New and Revised CLEO Publications - February 13, 2018 February 13, 2018