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App lets students make anonymous reports about bullying, unsafe behaviour February 28, 2017
New website provides public with legal information January 30, 2017
U.S. Executive Order does not apply to Canadian dual citizens traveling on Canadian passport June 30, 2017
Cancelled asylum hearings 'devastating' to Ottawa refugee claimants, advocates say August 11, 2017
Changes to bail in Canada make it fairer for those with low income: Reasonable Doubt July 20, 2017
Housing 'the Largest Single Commitment' in Morneau's Budget March 23, 2017
Landlords who evict tenants for their own use will have to offer compensation, proposed legislation says May 01, 2017
CCLA fighting to preserve segregation challenge and testimony of torture expert June 28, 2017
Legal Aid Ontario offers funding to Ottawa community organization to support Black youth June 22, 2017
Supreme Court loosens grounds for bail pending appeal of a conviction March 24, 2017
Calgary begins Canada's first external audit of sexual-assault case files May 19, 2017
Motion seeks stronger protections for Ontario temp agency workers April 19, 2017
Now in Arabic: Need welfare? How to apply to Ontario Works February 23, 2017
October 6: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression: the IRB Chairperson's Guideline September 20, 2017
Lawsuit seeks relief for injured workers struggling with mental illness July 05, 2017
Why Are So Many of Us Rejoicing in a Rooming House Becoming a Condo? July 18, 2017
Ontario's Basic Income Pilot Project: What will it mean for people on social assistance? April 27, 2017
October 24: Helping your clients find good legal information, Guelph October 22, 2017
Legal Aid Ontario defunds the African Canadian Legal Clinic over allegations of financial mismanagement August 17, 2017
Leadership needed to fight racism July 26, 2017