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Wynne Liberals won't say when expanded rent control coming April 07, 2017
Luke's Place Virtual Legal Clinic expands serving more rural and remote communities May 15, 2017
High-ranking Toronto officer appealing G20 misconduct conviction April 05, 2017
What is Ontario doing to address violence against Indigenous women? May 04, 2017
Cabinet minister promises Canada's first national accessibility legislation will have teeth, could be retroactive February 27, 2017
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Why we may not want to close Ontario's rent control 'loophole': Reasonable Doubt March 30, 2017
Senators hope 'landmark' study will help transform Canada's prison system June 12, 2017
When marijuana is legal, can I grow it (and smoke it) in my condo? June 15, 2017
June 20: Training on legal information, Sault Ste. Marie June 15, 2017
2017 Region of Peel Hosted Tax Preparation Clinics March 15, 2017
'Action is desperately needed': Senators recommend 50 ways to fix Canada's courts June 14, 2017
Federal budget vows $100-million for strategy on gender-based violence March 23, 2017
Bosses who broke law haven't learned their lesson, labour ministry blitz finds March 15, 2017
CLEO's Steps in a Family Law Case wins 2017 ClearMark Award May 17, 2017
Business group discovers being good is good for business April 04, 2017
Ottawa pushed to collect data on unfounded sex-assault cases March 21, 2017
Ontario police force includes external advocates in sex-assault audit April 10, 2017
Court weighs in on self-represented litigants May 24, 2017
77-year-old seeks court declaration to allow her medically-assisted death June 19, 2017