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Judge certifies $600M lawsuit for inmates with mental illness who were allegedly mistreated December 15, 2016
London council committee unanimously backs citizen group's demand that city cops stop street checks November 17, 2016
Canadian income data is 'garbage' without census, experts say October 07, 2013
City cracks down on notorious Parkdale apartments April 11, 2016
EI parental benefits denied aunt caring for orphaned nephew May 29, 2017
Urgent need for judicial vacancies to be filled promptly: Beverley McLachlin August 11, 2016
Racialized Communities Strategy consultation 2017 October 11, 2017
November 21: Community Consultation on Police Street Checks - Mississauga November 09, 2015
January 13: Ask me Anything on Veteran Homelessness! January 12, 2017
Ottawa shouldn't tie judges' hands with mandatory minimums: Editorial November 18, 2013
Trudeau announces nearly $70M over 3 years for Indigenous mental health services June 24, 2016
Tories push counterterrorism bills forward without hearing from critics November 28, 2014
Judges have more power. Now they need to earn the trust of Canadians, says criminal lawyer May 18, 2016
Self-represented litigants want more respect from judges September 17, 2014
Give Patients Full Access to their Health Records July 15, 2014
Landlord pays high price for renter's medical marijuana grow-op February 27, 2017
Health Canada knew of massive gaps in First Nations child health care, documents show October 24, 2017
Mothers buy dream home for sons with severe disabilities June 06, 2014
Peterborough lawsuit to set precedent for Ontario patient privacy rights September 03, 2014
New Ontario regulation paves way for aboriginal inquests to proceed March 09, 2015