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Ontario Court of Appeal to hear appeals arguing that Mandatory Victim Surcharge is 'cruel and unusual punishment' March 10, 2017
On the Radar: What happens when someone on ODSP gets a medical review date June 07, 2017
March 9: International Women's Day / Journée internationale des femmes panel discussion webcast March 03, 2017
Legal loopholes cost workers millions in lost wages: Report January 30, 2017
Unfounded: Over 10,000 sexual-assault cases to be reviewed February 13, 2017
March 7: Presentation on Tenant Rights, Guelph March 01, 2017
Ontario Liberals reject fast-tracking of rent control bill April 06, 2017
'Difficult choices' ahead for Legal Aid Ontario, review finds May 09, 2017
February 2: Tenant Rights Info Session January 23, 2017
Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Inquiry set to begin hearings in May February 28, 2017
The Workers' Health and Safety Legal Clinic Spring 2017 Newsletter is now available April 21, 2017
Landlord pays high price for renter's medical marijuana grow-op February 27, 2017
Ontario allowing employers to fire workers without cause May 23, 2017
Postal banking is worth a look to help the working poor August 16, 2016
Restrict use of solitary confinement for mentally ill prisoners, independent reviewer says May 04, 2017
OFL Statement on the 2017 Day of Mourning April 28, 2017
Editorial: Why are police calling so many sexual-assault complaints 'unfounded'? February 06, 2017
January 13: Ask me Anything on Veteran Homelessness! January 12, 2017
Ontario ends onerous reviews for disabled people on welfare April 06, 2017
What Ontario's new condo rules mean for owners, boards July 28, 2017