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February 2: Tenant Rights Info Session January 23, 2017
Ottawa is rethinking its approach to immigration detention April 11, 2017
New accessibility laws should include rules for employment, inclusive buildings, transport May 31, 2017
Pregnancy Drastically Increases Domestic Violence Risk June 02, 2017
June 28: Family Mediation in the Context of Violence June 16, 2017
EI parental benefits denied aunt caring for orphaned nephew May 29, 2017
Women face heavier burden of criminalizing HIV non-disclosure, advocates say January 17, 2017
'Tragic trend': More Canadians travelling to Switzerland to end their lives February 06, 2017
More federal action needed to restore lost Canadian citizenship rights March 28, 2017
CLEO's new 'how to' resource: Using social media effectively May 04, 2017
Parliament passes drug possession immunity for 'Good Samaritans' seeking help for overdoses May 03, 2017
$10,000 fine for Toronto homeowner who used agencies like Airbnb to find tenants February 16, 2017
Supreme Court loosens grounds for bail pending appeal of a conviction March 24, 2017
April 20: Groupe de soutien pour femmes francophones ayant vécu de la violence / support group for francophone women who have experienced abuse April 12, 2017
More Canadians seeking CPP disability benefits have denials overturned on appeal June 06, 2017
Miners shine spotlight on broken WSIB system March 23, 2017
Law society discovers 'systemic weaknesses' in protecting Indigenous people from unscrupulous lawyers April 26, 2017
Did a Canadian court just establish a new right to be forgotten online? February 08, 2017
OCA rules on search and seizure May 16, 2017
Q&A: Why a Mohawk community established its own legal system—the first of its kind in the country February 15, 2017