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Reasonable Doubt: Why we should reduce the number of civil trials decided by juries October 17, 2016
Place age restriction on legal pot, protect youth: Canadian Paediatric Society November 24, 2016
Opinion: Ontario's housing crisis is also a health crisis July 07, 2014
Harper's anti-terror bill to criminalize the 'promotion of terrorism' January 26, 2015
Health Canada breaches Indigenous patients' privacy, MDs say October 11, 2016
Jian Ghomeshi trial an opportunity for Canada to confront our failure on sexual assaults February 01, 2016
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Workers call for tougher labour laws to end wage theft September 06, 2011
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Legal Services for Refugee Claimants: Take Action Now August 28, 2017
Ontario's new standard lease could crack down on 'wild west' rental agreements February 08, 2018
October 24: Helping your clients find good legal information, Guelph October 23, 2017
November and December 2017: Free workshops at HALCO October 24, 2017
Canada endorses UN stance on indigenous rights November 15, 2010
Statistics Canada decision to end long-form census proves controversial July 05, 2010
Ontario plans big boost to minimum wage, update of labour laws: Cohn May 15, 2017
Ontario review of psychiatric wait times in jail kept secret January 16, 2015
Landmark homeless Charter challenge may never be heard if government wins bid to quash case May 26, 2014
Canada-U.S. Tax Information Sharing Deal Open To Abuse: Watchdog May 15, 2014
Focus: Increase in impaired driving due to legal marijuana? April 11, 2017