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Let doctors report suspected drunk drivers: Emergency room doctor August 26, 2014
Tories push counterterrorism bills forward without hearing from critics November 28, 2014
Ottawa fails to act in time to stop lawsuit on solitary confinement May 09, 2017
Liberals table marijuana bill that includes crackdown on impaired drivers April 13, 2017
Ottawa shouldn't tie judges' hands with mandatory minimums: Editorial November 18, 2013
Canadian income data is 'garbage' without census, experts say October 07, 2013
Trudeau announces nearly $70M over 3 years for Indigenous mental health services June 24, 2016
Citizenship Act will create two classes of Canadians May 23, 2014
In historic 1st, transgender inmate wins transfer to women's prison July 21, 2017
What's new from the PLE Learning Exchange: Legal health checks – sample tools February 24, 2015
B.C. to offer free HIV/AIDS testing to adults every 5 years May 13, 2014
In Canada's immigration law, anyone can be a terrorist April 28, 2014
Interns are mostly female, underpaid or unpaid, says upcoming study May 21, 2014
Ontario blames Ottawa for falling short of province’s child-poverty goal September 11, 2014
Police chiefs push to limit release of non-offenders' private info July 17, 2014
DEADLINE EXTENDED: Employment Insurance Appeals Process Under Review July 25, 2017
Veteran Affairs Minister vows to honour soldiers who died by suicide November 13, 2015
September 22: Street Law Smarts 2017 Forum August 28, 2017
Correctional Service boss backs short-term releases for inmates March 31, 2014
As of January 1, 2017, the maximum cost of borrowing a payday loan has gone down May 18, 2017