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Law Union calls on Ontario to Resist Omnibus Crime Bill July 11, 2012
Bold steps on social assistance reform in Ontario Budget 2016, but incomes still grossly inadequate: ISAC February 26, 2016
Ontario Disability Support Program Rate Increase September 08, 2014
What's in the new Housing Services Act? January 31, 2012
Verbal threats as workplace violence: The effects of Bill 168 are starting to show December 14, 2011
Fix for Ontario's disability program is long overdue: Editorial February 23, 2016
Migrant farm workers invoke Charter rights in lawsuit December 08, 2011
CLEO seeking user testing participants on March 25 2015 to give feedback on a new online project - $50 honorarium March 18, 2015
February 15 workshop: Help for Tenants Who Hoard: Balancing Rights and Safety January 11, 2012
ODSP may be downloaded to municipalities March 06, 2013
Psychiatric Patient Advocate Office is hiring Community Based Rights Advisers February 16, 2010
CLEO lance Espace francophone, la section française du site web Your Legal Rights June 16, 2014
MP proposes bill to repeal controversial Section 13 of human rights act November 17, 2011
Province of Ontario Moving Forward with Basic Income Pilot June 24, 2016
Website aims to help teens emerge from the aftermath of 'sexting' April 22, 2013
How Ontario disinherits children in second marriages: Cohn May 11, 2016
Advocacy Centre for the Elderly Spring/Summer newsletter now available June 17, 2013
Campaign to Raise the Minimum Wage March 04, 2013
LAO supports victims of domestic violence through new Safe Centre of Peel April 16, 2012
New minimum wage rates come into effect October 1 September 30, 2015