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National Database of Professionals Assisting Self-Representing Litigants

National Database of Professionals Assisting Self-Representing Litigants is an online directory of lawyers and other professionals that offer support and assistance to people who are representing themselves. These professionals offer unbundled,...


Independent Legal Advice for Sexual Assault Survivors Pilot Program

If you have experienced sexual abuse and live in Toronto, Ottawa, or Thunder Bay, you might be able to get 4 hours of free advice from a lawyer. You have to complete a...


Domestic violence services

The following information is taken from the Legal Aid Ontario website at:

Legal Aid Ontario has...


Legal Aid Ontario - Find a lawyer directory

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) has launched a searchable panel lawyer directory on its website to make it easier for clients to find a lawyer.

Every search will produce a list of ten lawyers who have agreed to be on the legal aid referral lists, along...


Ontario Bar Association - Find a Lawyer

The Ontario Bar Association (OBA) website provides a directory of lawyers who are members of the OBA. You can search by lawyer or law firm name, location, area of law and language spoken. Please note that not all lawyers in Ontario are members of the...


Reach Canada

Reach provides legal referrals for people with disabilities and their family members. It helps people with all disabilities, including people who are deaf, hard of hearing, people with physical disabilities, mental health issues, developmental...

Organisation français

Service de référence du Barreau

Le Service de référence du Barreau peut vous donner le nom d'un avocat ou d'un parajuriste auprès duquel vous puissiez obtenir une consultation gratuite d'une durée pouvant aller jusqu'à 30 minutes....



JusticeNet is a not-for-profit service helping people in need of legal expertise, whose income is too high to access legal aid and too low to afford standard legal fees. JusticeNet is currently available to anyone living in Ontario. It has client...


Legal Aid Certificates

This information is taken from the Legal Aid Ontario web site at:

Certificate program



Law Society Referral Service (LSRS)

The Law Society Referral Service is an online service for residents of Ontario for referrals to lawyers or paralegals who will provide a free, up to 30 minute consultation either by phone or in person.

You may request a referral online at...

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