Register with the FRO

The Family Responsibility Office (FRO) enforces child support payments in a:

  • court order
  • separation agreement that is filed with the court and registered with the FRO for enforcement
  • Notice of Calculation filed by the government

They cannot enforce verbal agreements.

You have a court order or Notice of Calculation

If you have a court order, the court automatically sends the order, the Support Deduction Order Information Form, and the Support Deduction Order to the FRO.

If you have a Notice of Calculation, the government automatically sends it to the FRO.

The FRO writes to the payor parent's employer or any other place where they receive income. The FRO tells the employer to deduct child support from the payor's cheque and send it to the FRO. The FRO then sends the money to the parent receiving support.

You have a separation agreement

Some people make a separation agreement without going to court and later need help enforcing it.

To get the FRO to enforce your separation agreement, you must:

1. Attach your most current separation agreement to a Form 26B: Affidavit for Filing Domestic Contract or Paternity Agreement.

2. Take it to the local courthouse. You can file your agreement only at the Ontario Court of Justice or the Family Court branch of the Superior Court of Justice. You cannot file your agreement at other locations of the Superior Court of Justice.

3. Register it with the FRO.

You may need