Water heater rentals are among the top 10 types of consumer complaints received by the Ministry of Consumer Services. So on April 1, 2015, some new rules came into effect just for door-to-door water heater contracts.When someone comes to the door... More
This answer is taken from CLEO's On the Radar - April 2013.  Salespeople coming to the door can pressure or mislead you or someone you care about into getting something you don't need, you can't afford, or isn't what it's claimed to be. If you... More
This answer is taken from Consumer Protection Toolkit: Energy Re-Billers, produced by Community Law School (Sarnia-Lambton) Inc.. If you have already signed up with an energy re-biller, you can still say “no” when they make their follow-up call to... More
Ontario's Consumer Protection Act has many detailed rules for different types of consumer transactions. But one general rule applies to almost all of them: Sellers are not allowed to use "unfair practices" to get people to buy their goods or... More