December 6: Legal Responses to Sexual Violence: Criminal Justice System & Alternatives

Information from METRAC: Sexual assault and the way complainants experience the criminal justice system have been in the spotlight. Survivors of sexual assault have many valid...


November 30: Addressing Sexual Violence Presentation, Thunder Bay

Presented by the Northwestern Ontario Women's Centre: Addressing Sexual Violence

A presentation and screening of a selection of digital stories created by survivors and police participants of the ...


Farooqi and Elghawaby: Nothing honourable about violence against women

From an opinion piece in the Ottawa Citizen: Survivors of gender-based violence need to be believed and supported. They also need society to describe the harm they experience with appropriate language. Yet time and again, violence...


Canada Moves Closer to Gender Equity for Indigenous Women

Lynn Gehl's grandmother belonged to the Pikwakanagan First Nation, one of hundreds of indigenous groups in...


The Jordan decision's impact on cases of violence against women

In R. v. Cody this summer, the Supreme Court decisively affirmed its interpretation of the Charter right to a trial "within a reasonable time." The principles,...


Parental leave changes prompt questions of affordability, cost to businesses

New parental leave options that will allow some Canadians to spread their federal benefits over a longer period of time are leading to questions about how many people will benefit and whether small businesses will be able to adapt.



Police, shelter welcome new powers to track missing women

Ottawa police, along with at least one Indigenous organization in the capital, are welcoming a new bill they say will make it easier to locate missing women. 

Bill 175, known as the ...


The Relationship Between Domestic Violence And Mass Shootings

From a National Public Radio (NPR) audio clip: In at least 54 percent of mass shootings, the perpetrator also shot an intimate partner or relative. NPR's Michel Martin talks with gun policy expert Robert Spitzer about the pattern of domestic...


How police stats fail the victims of sexual assault

From a Globe and Mail opinion piece: Holly Johnson is associate professor in the department of criminology at the University of Ottawa. Elizabeth Sheehy teaches sexual-assault law in the faculty of law...


Missing and murdered inquiry wants task force established to review cold cases

Amid tight timelines and delays, commissioners with the missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls inquiry are recommending the creation of a national police task force that could review cold cases and reopen investigations.

While the...

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