Refugees 'in the crosshairs' as Legal Aid Ontario battles for government funding, advocates warn

Immigration advocates are sounding the alarm as Legal Aid Ontario moves to slash services for refugees — saying the measures threaten to hold vulnerable asylum seekers hostage amid the organization's fight for added government funding.


Ontario Passes Legislation to Protect Human Trafficking Survivors

From a Government of Ontario news release: Today, Ontario passed the Anti-Human Trafficking Act, 2017, which will increase protection for survivors of human trafficking and make it easier for survivors to pursue compensation. ...


Court hearing landmark challenge to indefinite immigration detention

A Federal Court in Toronto is hearing a historic constitutional challenge to Canadian laws that allow indefinite immigration detention.

The case being argued today centres around Alvin Brown. Lawyers representing Brown, who was held in custody...


Opinion: Refugees once again have full health benefits, but some practitioners still don't know that

From a CBC News opinion piece: Health care for refugees in Canada falls under the responsibility of the Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP), which faced significant cuts back in June 2012. The Conservatives defended the cuts at the...


Federal Court strikes down key provisions of Citizenship Act

The Federal Court has struck down several sections of the Citizenship Act relating to how the government may revoke someone's citizenship.

In a decision today, Justice Jocelyne Gagné said the provisions in question, which don't violate the...


Roma say they're being barred from flights to Canada

Ottawa is being accused of preventing Roma travellers from boarding Canada-bound flights and denying them the possibility of seeking asylum here.

Since the end of last year...


Refugee board creates guidelines for deciding LGBTQ claims

From a Toronto Star article:Nicaraguan man was refused asylum in Canada because he...


Multiculturalism isn't bad for women — but racism is: Kanji

The idea that multiculturalism is bad for women is a popular canard. For example, a column by Sheema Khan about "discriminatory practices (imported) from the Indian subcontinent into North America" in...


Ontario rights tribunal finds landlord violated tenants' religious rights

A landlord who repeatedly ignored his tenants' requests to respect their prayer times and remove his shoes in their prayer space violated their religious rights, Ontario's human rights tribunal has ruled.

John Alabi is facing a $12,000 fine...


Notice – Government of Canada Eliminates Conditional Permanent Residence

Information from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada would like to inform you that the Government of...

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