The law says refugee claims must be heard in 60 days. So why are people waiting 16 months?

A skyrocketing backlog is pushing the wait time for refugee hearings dramatically beyond the federally stipulated 60 days, with recent asylum seekers now waiting 16 months to have their claims determined.

According to the Immigration and...


October 4: Free session to learn about your Workplace Rights in Ontario

Knowing your rights as an employee is important. Hours of work, pay, overtime, breaks, holidays and vacations are some of the employees' legal rights and duties at work. Join employment lawyer Antonio F. Urdaneta to learn about employment law to...


Canada Has Done Even Less For Its 'Dreamers' Than The U.S.

It has been a rough period for the estimated 800,000 "Dreamers" in the U.S. — young people who availed themselves of the protections of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program over the past few years. DACA was implemented to give...


Fiera Foods hires independent auditor to review use of temp workers, health and safety practices

A Toronto factory that uses temporary workers to churn out millions of bagels and croissants for major grocery stores and fast-food chains has hired an independent auditor to review its use of temp...


September 20: Webinar on Employment Rights and Responsibilities: Important Information for Ontario Newcomers

Webinar on Employment Rights and Responsibilities: Important Information for Ontario Newcomers

To learn about employment rights and responsibilities for newcomers to Ontario, please attend one of the webinars on this topic offered by the...


September 19: Unions: Benefits and services for the worker

Hamilton Newcomers Club - Mentorship Program Opportunities

Come learn about how unions work in Canada; union membership, its benefits, training opportunities, and fair wages.

Presented by Mark Ellerker. Business Manager at the...


Under cover in temp nation

From a Toronto Star news item: Amina Diaby died last year in an accident inside one of the GTA's largest industrial bakeries where, the company says, worker safety is its highest concern. The 23-year-old was one of thousands of...


'Canada could do better': United Nations takes us to task on racism

When it comes to racism within its own borders, Canada has some work to do.

That's the message of a ...


Immigration Canada 'breaking the law,' when denying some disabled applicants, say legal experts

Families looking to become Canadian permanent residents are being unfairly rejected by...


Legal Services for Refugee Claimants: Take Action Now

Information from Income Security Advocacy Centre (ISAC): As the world witnesses one of the largest mass migrations due to violence, war and famine, Canada's refugee system is experiencing a major surge.

Refugee claimants need...

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