Seeking mental health providers for a study to develop best mental health practices for forced migrants

From information provided by OCASI: Mental health providers in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are sought to participate in interviews, for a study to develop best mental health practices for forced migrants.


Racial Justice Report Card Shows Where Political Parties Stand on Racial Equity and Racial Justice

From a Colour of Poverty – Colour of Change (COP-COC) news release: Colour of Poverty – Colour of Change (COP-COC) is releasing its 2018 Racial Justice Report Card for Ontario, showing where the three main Ontario political...


Hassan Diab wants more than an independent review of his extradition

Hassan Diab, the Ottawa university lecturer who was extradited to France and spent three years in prison there before a judge ordered his release, says the promise of an independent review of his case doesn't go far enough.

Justice Minister...


Migrant workers sue recruiter, employer in small claims court

Ryan Aporbo was desperate when he lost his job as a restaurant cleaner amid Alberta's economic recession and faced possible removal to his native Philippines.

Then the temporary foreign worker said he found an ad from...


Former caregiver wins severance pay in rare temporary foreign worker lawsuit

When Joy Ortiz arrived in Canada, she had already been away from her three young daughters for six years, working in Hong Kong as a live-in nanny. 

With that experience on her resume, she planned to work in Canada as a nanny until she...


Ontario election campaign brings focus on nearly 2 million people living in poverty

Whenever Kelly Lawless thinks about using drugs, she jingles her house keys.

"Without a doubt, having my own home, my first home, was -- and is -- the strength in my recovery," said Lawless, 48, a former "homeless and...


Bedbugs lead to legal woes for Syrian refugee families

They fled war-torn Syria only to be caught up in a new battle with a tiny but vicious foe.

Soon after Khaldoun Anijleh and his family moved into their first home in Canada, they started to get itchy red bumps and painful blisters on their...


May 22 & 23: Racial Justice Forum: Lead the Change

Information from Colour of Poverty - Colour of Change: For the past ten years Colour of Poverty - Colour of Change has been engaged in a broad range of racial justice change-making education and advocacy efforts and activities around...


Migrant farm workers vulnerable to sexual violence

From an article on The Conversation: After Teresa filed a report against her farm employer for sexual assault, he asked her how much money it would take for her to retract her statement. In the spring of 2014, Teresa (not her real...


Inside Canadian immigration detention review hearings: Reasonable Doubt

From a Reasonable Doubt column in NOW: At any given moment, there are hundreds of foreign nationals and permanent residents being held in high-security Canadian jails without facing criminal charges. As I described in detail in a...

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