Toronto lawyer suspended over handling of Roma refugee cases

A Toronto lawyer who has been found guilty of professional misconduct in representing Roma refugee claimants will be suspended for six months and placed under supervision for at least one year if he is...


May 4: Free event on the Canadian Immigration System

Information from the Ontario Bar Association: Canada's Immigration System: Who Gets In

A broad overview of the law that dictates who may come to Canada permanently, or for a temporary purpose such as a visitor or student. What...


CCR welcomes the elimination of Conditional Permanent Residence

From a Canadian Council for Refugees media release: The Canadian Council for Refugees today welcomed news that the federal government has eliminated conditional permanent residence for sponsored spouses and partners.



Your Health and Safety at Work - Information for Workers

This information sheet briefly explains what the Occupational Health and Safety Act is, who and how it protects, what your basic health and safety rights are at work, and what to do if you get hurt or sick because of work.


Border Rights for Refugees

This know-your-rights guide is for non-U.S. citizens coming to Canada from the United States to make a refugee claim. It has four sections:

  • Coming by a port of entry
  • Making a refugee claim at a port of entry
  • Entering...

April 20: Refugee Rights Public Forum: The Singh Decision Matters in 2017

Information from Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI): Panel discussion on refugee rights in 2017: is Toronto really a sanctuary city / refugee experience with Islamophobia, anti-black racism / healthcare for...


Toronto police 'flagrantly' ignoring Sanctuary City policy

Chief Mark Saunders's report to the Police Services Board on how Toronto cops are dealing with people who don't have legal status leaves many questions unanswered. 

City council, having reaffirmed its commitment to being a...


Canada's immigration detainees being locked up based on dodgy risk assessments, Star finds

Canada's border police have left vital records blank and said they lack the expertise to assess the risks posed by immigration detainees, documents filed in federal court reveal.


Ottawa is rethinking its approach to immigration detention

The federal government is "exploring potential policy changes" to reduce the length of immigration detention and get non-violent migrants out of maximum-security jails, according to a new report.


Advocates challenge false claims about Canadian refugee income

A retired refugee specialist with the Catholic Diocese of London is concerned an inaccurate email circulating since 2014 is leading to incidents of hate in Windsor and Essex County.

The email falsely claims that refugees earn more...

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