Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT)


Ottawa sets date for LGBTQ apology, but compensation not yet settled

Advocates for people criminally charged or fired from their government job simply because they were gay are celebrating news that, on Nov. 28, Justin Trudeau will deliver a historic apology in the House for their...


Similarities in Nigerian asylum claims based on sexual orientation have Legal Aid Ontario asking questions

Nigerian asylum seekers in Canada are making so many similar claims based on sexual orientation that Legal Aid Ontario is worried some claims may be fabricated.

Jawad Kassab, who leads the refugee and immigration program at Legal Aid...


October 6: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression: the IRB Chairperson's Guideline

Information from the Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR): Participate in this webinar to learn about the recently issued ...


School can refuse admission of child of same-sex couple

Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario has ruled in favour of an evangelical Christian school that would not admit the son of a same-sex couple over the school's stance on same-sex marriage.

The unnamed married couple and their son, who live in a...


Ontario a 'world leader' in unjustly prosecuting people living with HIV, advocates say

From a Toronto Star article: It was around Christmas in 2008 when Chad Clarke said he got a phone call from a former partner screaming at him that he had given her HIV.


Canada Will Soon Allow Gender-Neutral Passports, Immigration Minister Says

Canadians who do not identify as male or female will soon be able to mark "X" on their passports, instead of "M" or "F," the federal government announced late Thursday.

In a statement, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said the government is...


Chief justice's rare order in Trinity Western case ensures 'all voices could be heard'

Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin's unusual decision to vary an order from one of her colleagues that denied intervenor status to LGBTQ groups in a major case involving equality rights and religious freedom is a largely procedural matter that stemmed...


In historic 1st, transgender inmate wins transfer to women's prison

Canada's federal prison service has approved the first transfer of a transgender inmate to an institution based on gender identity rather than physical anatomy, CBC News has learned.

Fallon Aubee, who has been serving a life sentence at B.C.'s...


Today, trans Canadians celebrate Bill C-16. Tomorrow, the work begins for us all

From an opinion piece in The Globe and Mail: Brenda Cossman is a professor of law and director of the Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies at the University of Toronto. Ido Katri is a...


Justin Trudeau: legislation, apology, coming for past wrongs against LGBTQ community

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau intends to introduce legislation by the end of year which will erase the convictions of those who were punished in Canada for sexual activity with a same-...

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