Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT)


Ford government disbands Liberals' expert panel to end violence against women

Ontario's Progressive Conservative government has pulled the plug on an expert panel to end violence against women that was established under the Liberals to provide strategic advice on policies.

Community and Social Services Minister Lisa...


October 22-26: Social Justice Week at Ryerson

Information from Ryerson University: The 8th Social Justice Week at Ryerson University highlights the inspiring, and often under-appreciated, efforts of grassroots organizations and community members currently involved in...


Ontario Tories withholding funding for LGBTQ legal clinic amid spending review

The creation of Canada's first LGBTQ community legal clinic — the funding for which was announced in March by the previous provincial government — is being held up by the Progressive Conservatives, as the new government conducts a review of funding...


Trans community faces myriad of legal problems, rarely seeks help, says report

Trans people in Ontario appear to face more justiciable legal problems than the general Canadian population, yet rarely seek legal assistance to address or resolve them, according to a recently released report by the HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic...


Second human rights case to challenge government over sex-ed curriculum

From the Toronto Star: Two transgender teens are part of a second human rights case launched against the Ontario government for its use of an outdated sex-ed curriculum.

Ryan and Noah, both 15, say...


Reasonable Doubt column: Is Canada finally ready for polyamorous families to be legal?

From NOW Magazine's Reasonable Doubt column: In April, a Newfoundland judge granted all three parents in a polyamorous familythe legal status of parent to their child. This ruling is a first in Canada and sets an exciting precedent...


Trinity Western students won't have to sign covenant banning sex outside straight marriage

Students at Trinity Western University will no longer have to sign an agreement promising to abstain from all sex outside of heterosexual marriage.

The board of governors for the evangelical Christian university in Langley, B.C.,...


HALCO news Summer 2018 newsletter is now available

Information from HALCO- HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario: We are pleased to announce our HALCO news Summer 2018 ...


Ontario families launch human rights challenge against sex-ed curriculum rollback

A group of families is launching a human rights challenge to the Ontario government's decision to repeal and replace the province's modernized sex-education curriculum.

The Progressive Conservatives have said teachers will use a 1998 version of...


LGBTQ seniors fear renewed discrimination in long-term care

When deteriorating health forced David McClure, who is 81, to enter first one Ottawa nursing home, and then another, he felt as though he was going back into the closet, after decades out of it. "I couldn't let my gayness show," he said. "The looks...

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