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Decriminalize all drugs for personal use, Toronto Public Health recommends in new report

City council should push the federal government to decriminalize the possession of all drugs for personal use while scaling up harm reduction efforts, Toronto Public Health is recommending.

The recommendation comes following a public...


Where homeless and vulnerable people can go during a heat wave

From a broadcast of Metro Morning: The high today is 32 degrees, and it'll feel more like 38. For those living rough or on the streets, there's little relief from the sizzling temperatures. Matt Galloway talks with a street nurse...


U of T approves policy that could place students with mental health issues on leave

The University of Toronto has decided to implement a policy that could place students with mental health issues on a mandatory leave of absence if the school deems it necessary.

The policy, which drew criticism from students groups and the...

Canadians with disabilities could be waiting months for money owed by Canada Revenue Agency

More than half of Canadians with diabetes who were rejected for the disability tax credit (DTC) between May and December last year have now been approved — a clear indication, critics say, that the Canada Revenue Agency was applying the eligibility...


'We're going back into the closet': LGBTQ seniors wary of being 'out' in long-term care facilities

Information from CBC: LGBTQ seniors who were part of the long battle against discrimination and who've been "out" for years are now worried they'll have to hide their sexual orientation as they face the need to move into long-term care...


Steps to Justice now has information on discrimination in healthcare

CLEO has added new legal information to Steps to Justice: Can a doctor or healthcare provider treat me differently for reasons that go against my human rights?



Seeking mental health providers for a study to develop best mental health practices for forced migrants

From information provided by OCASI: Mental health providers in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are sought to participate in interviews, for a study to develop best mental health practices for forced migrants.


'He's not forgotten': How a fatal shooting changed the way Montreal police deal with the homeless

Two years before Jimmy Cloutier was fatally shot outside a Montreal homeless shelter, he made a hauntingly accurate prediction to his mother, Carole Fortin: "I'm going to be killed by the police."

At the time, she thought the comment was a...


Arabic counselling program to end after 2 successful years

When Gazele Hanna and her son immigrated to Canada as refugees, she thought she had left the horrors of death behind her. 

Now, as she sits alone in her living room, she holds a photo of her son and cries.

Montaser Anees died by...


HIV lawyers help fight stigma

If the law and societal attitudes to HIV had advanced as fast as the science associated with the virus, Ryan Peck might well be out of a job.

"In the 1980s, an HIV diagnosis was understood to be a death sentence, and you had people dying left,...

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