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Federal prisons to offer clean needles to injection-drug users

Federal penitentiaries in Canada will soon offer clean needles to inmates who are likely to inject drugs while behind bars, answering a decades-long call by harm-reduction advocates who say the overdue initiative prevents the transmission of blood-...


May 22 & 23: Racial Justice Forum: Lead the Change

Information from Colour of Poverty - Colour of Change: For the past ten years Colour of Poverty - Colour of Change has been engaged in a broad range of racial justice change-making education and advocacy efforts and activities around...


June 13: Save the date - PLE Community of Practice conference call

Please join the PLE Community of Practice at noon on June 13, to hear from the ...


PLE Learning Exchange's top tip for this week: Does your information have a date?

From PLE Learning Exchange's Guidelines for Better Legal Information: Users need to know the date the information was last reviewed by a qualified legal expert ('legal currency date') to help them assess whether...


'It is discrimination': Sick worker wins groundbreaking case against WSIB

It's been nearly a decade since he stepped into a printing plant, but Mitch LaPrade still remembers the distinct smell — a smell so strong it saturated his clothes, his hair, even his skin.

"It was a heavy smell of ink, lots of ink —...


Real income security in Ontario

From a Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives article: Is your income secure? Do you swipe your credit card at the supermarket without really looking at how much you’re spending? Can you pay all your bills every month? Can you afford...


May 11: Information and Privacy Commissioner special event, Hamilton

From an Information and Privacy Commissioner announcement: The Information and Privacy Commissioner (IPC) will host a special event in Hamilton on Friday, May 11, 2018, as part of the IPC's Reaching Out to Ontario program....


Families sue Ontario long-term care providers over 'disgusting' neglect

From a CTV News article: WARNING: This story contains graphic details and images.

Their stories are horrific.
A man pitted with gaping bedsores, one even revealing bone. A woman left writhing...

Guidelines for Better Legal Information

The PLE Learning Exchange Ontario presents guidelines that offer practical tips for creating and maintaining high-quality legal information in print or on the web. You can use them when you start to plan or develop legal information, or when...

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